The Chubby Brothers dining table

I like the way Brian Lee designed this table,  as Brian Lee puts it: “A dining table with the idea of allowing the audience to gain a different perspective as an unrecognizable object when put together.”  I think this is the perfect kitchen table because when u put the chairs into the table it looks like a desk where u can cut vegetables and make food. It also reminds me a little of the daily shelter. Documentation Photographs by: Noel Worden


7 Responses to “The Chubby Brothers dining table”

  1. emmieverlasting Says:

    Ah! Så kult! Det der likte jeg:o)

  2. Siljeass Says:

    Haha. Same shit ass !

  3. Siljeass Says:


  4. Regine Says:

    ooh, praktisk!! 🙂

  5. ellen Says:

    Kjempe fin blogg! ^^

  6. Agnethe Says:

    oh, perfect! LOVE IT

  7. Victoria Says:

    Haha, spesielt!

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