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Knitted muffins and cakes

February 5, 2010

 Muffin decoration can be bought here (they come in a set whit 4 muffins)

 Cake decoration can be bought here (they come in a set whit 4 cakes)

These decorations are handmade. When I first saw the pictures I thought that they where real cakes/muffins and that there eatable, but actually they are knitted cake/muffin decorations for your house. Perfect if your going for an cute look in a rom.


Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair dress

February 1, 2010

This dress is from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair fall 2008 collection, and I think it’s really pretty and unique.

Åse Strand

January 20, 2010

Åse Strand is an norwegian designer, i really love her hats from  Oslo week 2009 and really looking forward for her 2010 Oslo fashion week runway show. Click the pictures to get to her homepage or click to see the full 2009 collection.

Converse Socks

January 18, 2010

 i love theese converse socks. Click picture to get to the store

Heart dress

January 17, 2010

 gingham “I heart you!” dress,I love the heart-shaped cut-out back . Click the pictures to get to the store.

Little My

January 15, 2010

This hat is also available in colours: grey, ginger, plum, cool red, vanilla and black.
price $35.00 USD, just click the picture to get to the store. The hat kinda reminds me of mickey mouse : D Do u like it?


January 13, 2010

New pictures+cloths for h&m’s divided line

click one of the pictures to get to

Heart Umbrella

January 9, 2010

perfect for valentine – The hear umbrella ($60) click the picture to get to the store, it comes in all kinds of colors

fish shoes

January 5, 2010

I just found theese shoes on the internett the kinda look like fish, right?  They made me laugh do u like them?


-no copyright intended-  Does anyone know the name of the designer?


January 5, 2010

2 x Ditsy Floral Bangles

i love theese bracelets from accessorize  the cost 65 kr ( ca 13 us dollars )  do u like them?

(click the picture to get to the store )