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Toast items

February 4, 2010

never knew toast coud inspire people to make so many toast items, did u?

 Toast clock can be bought here

 Toast Mattress can be bought here

 Toast wallet can be bought here

 Toast note pad can be bought here

 Toast pillow can be bought here


Dead Fred Pen Holder

January 28, 2010

I think this is the funiest pen holder ive ever seen in my life ;D Dead fred kind of reminds me of key pete . What do u guys think of this pen holder?


January 26, 2010

Theese Bookmarks are made by  Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy and the idea is basically is that you can use dust jackets and bookmarks together to create a unique image of a paper book. And I think its looks really cool, what do u guys think?


January 23, 2010

 This mac book cover makes your mac look like a book. on the website it stands; “Protecting your MacBook is a top priority and it’s job one for BookBook. Slip your Mac inside the velvety soft, padded interior” (click the picture to get to the website)

Kumi Yamashita

January 14, 2010

Building blocks is the name of this piece of art designed by Kumi Yamashita. Do u like it? picture from

Egg house

January 6, 2010

The architectural design firm behind the project was dmvA of Belgium.Despite its small size, the house has a kitchen, bathroom, a bed and a lot of shelving for storage. my question is woud u live in an egg house? 

The photographs can be credited to Mick Couwenbergh, Rini Van Beek and Vercruysse Frederik.Pictures and facts about the egg house via


January 5, 2010

ive made this header for a competition (: do u like it? just click the picture to get to her blog

Hello world!

January 4, 2010

Welcome to my blog im currently working on the design etc : ) so i hope u check by my blog /page later on