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Toast items

February 4, 2010

never knew toast coud inspire people to make so many toast items, did u?

 Toast clock can be bought here

 Toast Mattress can be bought here

 Toast wallet can be bought here

 Toast note pad can be bought here

 Toast pillow can be bought here


Chairs inspired by flowers

February 2, 2010

Rose chair can be bought at bonluxat and is designed by Masanori Umeda.

 I don’t know the name of the designer or the store that sells these chair’s (if you do please comment). But i read about the chair here

 Lily Chair can be bought at bonluxat and is designed by Masanori Umeda.

 Flower chair designed by WOZZUP mutazionidinterni

Funny Doormats

January 29, 2010

Theese doormats can be bought here . They put a smile on my face : )

Thumbs up mirror

January 9, 2010

Each time you look in mirror it tells you: “Looking great!”  Designer: Anton Schnaider. Click the picture to get to the store. Kind of cute, but you can also hang it upside down (thumb down) and  it will tell you that you look like shit.